[phenixbb] question on molecular replacement

fn1 at rice.edu fn1 at rice.edu
Sun Jun 10 19:57:30 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

I have a dataset in P21221. The cell content analysis shows that there  
should be 5 monomers in asu. The gel filtration profile of this  
protein shows that it should form a tetramer.

I have a simulated structure as searching model. I try to use the  
whole model or backbone model, and different resolution cutoff. When  
the whole model is used, the llg of solution is negative. When the  
backbone model is used, the llg is about 160 when searching for 4  
monomers and tfz is 7.4. But the following autobuild process could not  
lower rfactor than 50%.

I notice online that it might be useful to run self rotation function  
first to find ncs operators before doing mr. Is this true and how can  
i do this?

Thank you in advance!

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