[phenixbb] Rosetta-MR - How long does it take?

Tri Ngo ngoductri at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 00:15:51 PST 2012

Hi Phenix users,

I tried to utilize the Rosetta-MR to solve an Esterase structure  (389
residues, 2 molecules/asu) which has 22% sequence identity to the know
structure. I used HHPred to prepare the alignment input and Robetta
fragment server to generate the fragment files. I also performed a quick
test of mr-rosetta by running the command
I think there is no error on my input files or the system.

However, the program never finished. It still shows me the "Placing
Model..." status. It's running around 48 hours and still show the same log
file (at "Running group of place_model" step). I am not sure if it's normal
to wait days or weeks to get the work done when running Rosetta-MR? Thank
you for your helpful input.

Best wishes,


Structural Biology Lab

School of Medicine - Sungkyunkwan University

Phone: 031-299-6150
Cell: 010-7774-8210
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