[phenixbb] model_vs_data

Karolina Michalska dziuba at amu.edu.pl
Wed Jan 25 12:44:49 PST 2012

Hi everybody,

I 've run model_vs_data for one of my structures and here is what I got:

Information extracted from PDB file header:
    program_name    : REFMAC
    year            : None
    r_work          : 0.15793
    r_free          : 0.19845
    high_resolution : 1.45
    low_resolution  : 36.92
    sigma_cutoff    : None
    matthews_coeff  : None
    solvent_cont    : None
    TLS             : False (number of groups: 0)
  After applying resolution and sigma cutoffs:
    n_refl_cutoff : 26357
    r_work_cutoff : 0.1450
    r_free_cutoff : 0.1687

Can someone, please, explain why there is such a big difference in R
values?  When I do refinement in phenix I get practically the same
results that Refmac produces.



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