[phenixbb] problem converting PDB file to mmcif for deposition

Salameh, Mohd A., Ph.D. Salameh.Mohd at mayo.edu
Thu Jan 19 10:45:49 PST 2012

Hi Everybody,

I encountered a problem recently in converting my PDB file to mmcif
using the pdb_extract tool in rcsb. It simply writes out an empty
file!! I wonder if any of you have faced such a problem before and
know the solution!! I carefully examined the PDB file header and I
couldn't really find a reason why this PDB failed to be converted. I
only use PHENIX for molecular replacement and refinement. I used the
default TLS refinement so I assume the whole structure will be refined
as a group. I hope somebody is familiar with this can help me out.
Thank you very much, Mohd

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