[phenixbb] Rosetta rebuilding...

Francis E Reyes Francis.Reyes at Colorado.EDU
Mon Jan 16 08:33:51 PST 2012


I'm curious about using rosetta to rebuild an existing model (phenix.mr_rosetta it seems)

[0] What is being rebuilt in rosetta? The whole model? Or is the model divided into chunks and each chunk sent to rosetta? 

[1] Can a specific region be chosen to be rebuilt? (In the case where most of the model is correct)

[2] How are the rosetta models  scored ? Specifically, "(d) refine Rosetta models, average density from top 20%, continue rebuilding each Rosetta model using averaged density".  What's the scoring function (mapCC, R-Free, LLG??) How's the top 20% obtained? 



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