[phenixbb] Can Phenix distinguish ARG and PHE

Dialing Pretty hdc123hdc123 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 12 02:54:48 PST 2012

Dear All,

Can the Phenix software get mixed with the PHE and ARG?

I use the Coot to build a peptide. 2 fragments of peptides are suitable for one specific part of electronic density map, and there is only one residue can distinguish which fragment of peptide is the real peptide fragment for that part of electronic density map, i.e., in one fragment of peptide it contains ARG, and in the other fragment of peptide it contains PHE.

As for after Coot rebuild I still need the refinemnt, I am afraid whether the PHENIX can distinguish the PHE and ARG if I cannot distinguish it so nicely in the Coot when I rebuild the peptide.

I am looking forward to getting your reply.

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