[phenixbb] real space correlation

Bradley Hintze bradley.hintze at duke.edu
Mon Aug 20 11:42:26 PDT 2012

Hey Phenix team,

I am trying to get real space correlation measurements for 1eao and ran
into a problem.

$ phenix.fetch_pdb --mtz 1eao
$ phenix.real_space_correlation 1eao.pdb 1eao.mtz

Multiple equally suitable arrays of observed xray data found.

Possible choices:

Please use .labels
to specify an unambiguous substring of the target label.

Looking in the options for phenix.real_space_correlation it is unclear how
to specify the labels for the reflection file. Any assistance on this would
greatly be appreciated.


Bradley J. Hintze
Duke University
PhD Candidate
Department of Biochemistry

Please help me raise money for my ride to assist children with disabilities!
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