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Hi Pat,
As Ralf says, P6 or P1.  I think if the data merges well in both P622 and P6 then you are going to get very similar twinning statistics in the two space groups.  This would not be true if the data merged poorly in P622; in that case merging to P622 it would make it look twinned.
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Dumb question here: When one runs the various twinning tests (e.g. phenix.xtriage), is one meant to use data processed in the higher symmetry SG, or the lower symmetry SG?

A concrete example: I can process a data set in a 622 point group w/ reasonable merging statistics, but an abnormally low solvent content raises my suspicions. So do I process as P6, and submit these data to the twinning test? Or do I submit the data processed as P622?


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