[phenixbb] Windows installer now available

Dima Klenchin klenchin at wisc.edu
Fri Apr 13 10:42:13 PDT 2012

>includes most of the Phenix components, including the GUI, and should run 
>on Windows XP or newer. Coot and PyMOL integration is supported if these 
>are installed. Details are available here:
>         http://www.phenix-online.org/platforms/windows.html
>We encourage anyone using this to submit the automatic bug reports, or 
>email us concerning any other problems at bugs at phenix-online.org. An 
>official, fully supported Windows installer, including 64-bit version, 
>will be available later this year.

Excellent! Thank a lot, everyone in the Phenix team!

Just out of curiosity:

>Parallelization of phenix.refine is not supported; this is due to built-in 
>limitations of Windows and will not be fixed.

What are the limitations? Parallel Python seems to work fine in Windows. 
And some CCP4 Windows binaries also support SMP without a problem.

- Dima

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