[phenixbb] Equations of transformation

Hena Dutta hdutta10 at gmail.com
Wed May 25 11:41:24 PDT 2011

Dear Members,

Sorry, if my question is out of the field.

I want to know the mathematical relations between 2 sets of co-ordinates,
one before and one after the rotation. I used COOT to rotate the side chain
(containing atoms N1, C2, N3,  C4, C5, C6, N6, N7 and C8) of Adenine by 180
degree about the glycosidic bond (C1’-N9). How the initial co-ordinates (Xi,
Yi, Zi) and final co-ordinates (Xf, Yf, Zf) are mathematically related? I
shall be very grateful if someone can tell me the equations.


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