[phenixbb] Problem with version 1.7.1-743 on OSX

Nathaniel Echols nechols at lbl.gov
Mon May 2 07:41:24 PDT 2011

2011/5/2 Miguel Ortiz Lombardía <miguel.ortiz-lombardia at afmb.univ-mrs.fr>:
> Last Friday (April 29) we upgraded phenix to its most recent version
> (1.7.1-743). Installation went smoothly on both Mac (10.6.7 64-bit) and
> Linux (Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit) machines. However, we observe that we cannot
> use phenix.refine (I don't know for the rest of the applications) from
> the GUI on the Macs. phenix.refine does work from the command line, though.
> So, whenever we try to add a pdb in the GUI, we get this error message:
> This application does not support the file type for
> /path/to/the/file.pdb
> (format: txt)

I just tried about a dozen different PDB files and a few MTZs and I
couldn't reproduce this.  However, I only have the 32-bit version
installed on this computer; I will try the 64-bit version when I
arrive at the lab (although I'm pretty certain I tried loading PDB
files in the installed version sometime last week without issues).
The error you're seeing usually indicates some kind of formatting
problem with the PDB file that caused the PDB parser to fail (it will
default to reading it as a text file instead - not very helpful, I
know).  Could you please send me the file that is having this problem?

I'm not sure what the MTZ-related error means - it looks like the CCP4
library is choking on the CCP4 symop.lib, which is bizarre.  Those
extra spaces certainly shouldn't be there in the original file.  Could
you please also send me the file $PHENIX/ccp4io/lib/data/symop.lib?


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