[phenixbb] Phenix source code question

Nathaniel Echols nechols at lbl.gov
Thu Jun 16 13:24:12 PDT 2011

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 12:27 PM,  <zhangh1 at umbc.edu> wrote:
> phenix.install provide an option of --source which will force the source
> code installation. However, I can't find the source directory in the
> downloaded package.

That flag isn't really relevant, since all of the installers are
either binary or source, never both.  It's probably a holdover from
earlier versions.  There is a full source installer available, but
it's less obvious on the download page because it's much easier to
support binary installation.  (Also, compiling from source takes
forever unless you have a lot of processors.)

That said, we stopped removing source code from the binary installers
a while ago, so they should still have everything you need to
recompile the sources in-place.

> More specifically, I was looking for the "extract_bond_params" subroutine
> under "cctbx_project/cctbx/geometry_restraints/". It was defined in
> "bond.h", and looks like its already been pre-compiled into the binary.
> So, is there any way I can recompile this C/C++ code?

Something like this would probably work:

libtbx.configure phenix

(And if you have, say, 8 processors, add the argument "-j8" when
running libtbx.scons to speed it up.)


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