[phenixbb] rosetta fragment files

Pietro Roversi pietro.roversi at path.ox.ac.uk
Thu Jun 16 08:47:52 PDT 2011

Perhaps the fragment files need to be gzipped!

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Hi, I am trying to use mr_rosetta with phenix-1.7.1-743 and rosetta 3.2.1.
All rosetta tests passed OK.
I have several large protein chains in the starting model (already placed).
So I had to get several pairs of fragment files from robetta server and
list all of them in the script.
Then mr_rosetta fails at the REBUILD_1 stage with the message:
could not open file (fragment file), although file is definitely there.
Is the reason that one can have only two input fragment files (3/9)?
Can several fragment files be combined into two 3/9 ones?

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