[phenixbb] refinement of twinning dataset

Ms Chiung-Wen Chang chiungwen.chang at uqconnect.edu.au
Tue Jun 14 14:54:58 PDT 2011

hi everyone
i have some issues with the refinement of my twinning dataset
the dataset has 2.1 A resolution 
the twin fraction is around 0.43
i did not detwin and ran the refinement directly (with twinning refinement)

The attached is the polygon

so far the R: 0.1905   Rfree: 0.21
RMSD angles: 0.91   bonds: 0.006
clashscore: 28.176
average B: 45.8 

are the clashscore and Average B in the reasonable range ? because the pattern of the polygon is looked wired 
what can I  do more to get them better ?

thanks for your help : )

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