[phenixbb] installation problem on Ubuntu

Nathaniel Echols nechols at lbl.gov
Fri Jun 10 18:55:49 PDT 2011

On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 6:15 PM, Edward A. Berry <BerryE at upstate.edu> wrote:

> Yes, I've seen the the same error show up in var/log/messages after
> installing phenix
> (although it didn't interfere with the install):
> Sep  9 18:06:32 oswego automount[2319]: lookup_mount: exports lookup failed
> for longnose
> (about 67 times)
> Longnose is (or was) one of the serpentine clan of computers at LBL - so I
> suspected
> some directory exported by longnose was in a search-path of the phenix
> install.

No, that's where we actually build it - Linux (unlike Macs) is quite happy
to relocate libraries and has no problem loading them if LD_LIBRARY_PATH is
set correctly.  The installer will rewrite all of the paths required to
actually run Phenix; what you're seeing is probably the effect of stray
symlinks which we don't handle.  As I said, this rarely breaks anything, but
we did have one report recently of the GUI taking ~10 minutes to launch
because the automounter wasn't timing out.  So I may need to revisit the
symlink issue.

Of course, installing from source will always avoid these problems - but in
most cases it is not worth the time and trouble.

Fedora12 64 bit gave no errors (but I think autofs was not running) and the
> specified files do not reference longnose.  But that may be because longnose
> and co.  have been retired and replaced by cage (one cage to bring them all,
> and in the darkness bind them?)

No, we're keeping longnose around as long as possible - the FC3 build is
still the most compatible, even if it takes a while to finish.  My guess is
that all of the installers have the same problem, so if autofs was running I
think you'd still see unexpected references to /net/cage.

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