[phenixbb] installation problem on Ubuntu

Edward A. Berry BerryE at upstate.edu
Fri Jun 10 18:15:05 PDT 2011

Daqi Tu wrote:
> Hi,
> I was trying to install the 32 bit Phenix-dev-782 or the official
> release 1.7.1-743 onto a virtual ubuntu 10.04 32-bit machine. Both of
> them failed with this error:
> /bin/tar: ./build/intel-linux-2.6/base/bin/wx-config: Cannot create
> symlink to
> `/net/longnose/scratch2/phenix/phenix-dev-782/build/intel-linux-2.6/base/lib/wx/config/gtk2-ansi-release-2.8':
> Operation not supported
> /bin/tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
> /mnt/hgfs/windubuntu/phenix-installer-dev-782/bin/install-from-binary:
> 352: /usr/local/phenix-dev-782/build/intel-linux-2.6/base/bin/python:
> not found
> Any comments?

Yes, I've seen the the same error show up in var/log/messages after installing phenix
(although it didn't interfere with the install):

Sep  9 18:06:32 oswego automount[2319]: lookup_mount: exports lookup failed for longnose
(about 67 times)

Longnose is (or was) one of the serpentine clan of computers at LBL - so I suspected
some directory exported by longnose was in a search-path of the phenix install.
"grep" and "strings" located it to libtbx_refresh.pyc:

strings build-binary/intel-linux-2.6/oswego/tmp/binary/solve_resolve/libtbx_refresh.pyc

That was the fc3 32-bit version.

Fedora12 64 bit gave no errors (but I think autofs was not running) and the specified 
files do not reference longnose.  But that may be because longnose and co.  have been 
retired and replaced by cage (one cage to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them?):


Maybe your virtual machine is more sensitive and shuts down the process
when a referenced file doesn't exist. Or maybe it's just scared of snakes!

> Thanks.
> Daqi Tu
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