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Fri Jun 3 07:21:21 PDT 2011

Hi everybody,

I would like to calculate the omit map around the ligand.  I followed the

But the 2Fo density around the ligand is very poor.

Any help is appreciated.

Make a SA-omit map around atoms in target.pdb

phenix.autobuild data=data.mtz model=coords.pdb
omit_box_pdb=target.pdb   composite_omit_type=sa_omit

Coefficients for the output omit map will be in the file
resolve_composite_map.mtz in the subdirectory OMIT/ . An additional map
coefficients file omit_region.mtz will show you the region that has been
omitted. (Note: be sure to use the weights in both resolve_composite_map.mtz
and omit_region.mtz).
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