[phenixbb] Setting phenix_env in ubuntu 10 system

Jobichen Chacko jobichenc at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 20:18:42 PDT 2011

Dear All,
I recently downloaded and installed phenix 1.7-1-743 on Ubuntu system. I
need to run the command " source/usr/local/phenix**/phenix_env.sh" each time
to launch the program when running as a command line.
If I close that terminal and type the command in a new terminal, it is
giving the reply "command not found".
 How does one set paths so that phenix.refine will be recognized in a new
terminal window?
I got some suggestiions to edit either ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile and add
the appropriate "source" command to it. But when I edit .bashrc phenix is
automatically executed when I open a new terminal.
I want to run phenix by typing  command like "phenix.refine xx.pdb xx.mtz".
Please let me know which file I should edit to get this. If possible can any
ubuntu user send me a copy of the .bashrc file/or any other required file
with environment path for phenix.
Thank you for your time.

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