[phenixbb] How the sharpening were performed in PHENIX.

zhangh1 at umbc.edu zhangh1 at umbc.edu
Tue Jul 19 16:36:53 PDT 2011


I was trying to do a B-factor sharpening using phenix GUI CreatMaps
utilities. The output for the sharpened maps contains 2FOFCWT and
PHI2FOFCWT columes, so I think they are sigmaA weighted 2Fo-Fc maps. But
from Brunger's paper, the sharpening coefficients seems directly applied
on Fo, and I wonder what happened before we get the 2mFoDFc maps. Or, the
sharpening coefficients have been applied to the 2mFoDFc maps?

Thanks for any information!


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