[phenixbb] Prevent MacPyMOL from registering as a valid pdb/pml/etc viewer.

Nathaniel Echols nechols at lbl.gov
Mon Dec 19 11:10:00 PST 2011

On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 10:57 AM, Francis E Reyes
<Francis.Reyes at colorado.edu> wrote:
> I used the command line installer. ( I put phenix in strange places ).

Okay, weird...

> Remove the bundle completely. i.e.  Why not pull MacPyMOL.app/Contents/MacOS/MacPyMOL out from the .app directory structure and distribute it as an executable underneath  a macpymol.noindex under phenix-1.7.1-743/build/mac-intel-osx-x86_64/base/bin.  (.noindex to disable spotlight indexing of this dir as well)

I'm pretty confident this won't work - the actual MacPyMOL binary
object is only about a third of the contents of the app bundle.

> I thought that 0.99 was kept around for specific reasons (maybe something is missing/broken in future builds?)
> Then again wasn't 0.99 the point at which Shroedinger took over and maybe changed the license terms?

Nope, Warren made the 0.99 builds freely available without purchasing
a license - this is the only version of MacPyMOL that we are legally
allowed to distribute (and this has been true for many years now).  As
far as I know the license terms have not changed significantly; at any
rate, it is still easy to obtain and compile the current open-source
PyMOL.  But we don't distribute that because it requires X11, and the
native MacPyMOL has always been proprietary.

> Anyways I would welcome a slimmed version of phenix that didn't include PyMOL. My SSD would be much happier.

Actually, it's only 33MB out of about 1.8GB - for what it's worth,
these are the largest sub-directories in 1.7.3 (with sizes in MB):

443	phenix-1.7.3-928/build
412	phenix-1.7.3-928/chem_data
197	phenix-1.7.3-928/phenix_regression
161	phenix-1.7.3-928/solve_resolve
149	phenix-1.7.3-928/phenix_examples
103	phenix-1.7.3-928/boost

They're not going to get much smaller, unfortunately. :(


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