[phenixbb] Phaser problems

Yarrow Madrona amadrona at uci.edu
Sat Dec 17 16:55:29 PST 2011


Lately I have been having some trouble with phaser MR. For some reason
even if I get a complete solution, it involves molecules from two
different unit cells and it one case it picked up a symmetry related
molecule as a crystallagraphic dimer.

Recently I re-ran jobs from a sucessful run (over a year ago) in Phaser
2.1.4 where I get 4 molecules in the asymetric unit with plausable
contacts that refined very well.

Recently, however, I have re-run the job with the same search molecule and
settings (all default). Although I get a solution, it involves molecules
apparently from two asymetric units. The dimers formed are not the same
contacts as what was seen in the earlier phaser run with Phaser 2.1.4.
However if you turn on the symetry related molecues the tight
crystallagraphic dimer seen previously shows up between one molecule and a
symmetry mate.

Has anyone had experiences like these recently with phaser? BTW my search
model is 99% identical to my molecule (only one residue difference).



Yarrow Madrona

Graduate Student
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Dept.
University of California, Irvine
Natural Sciences I, Rm 2403
Irvine, CA 92697

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