[phenixbb] question on the weight for adp

fn1 at rice.edu fn1 at rice.edu
Thu Sep 30 12:32:54 PDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I have some questions the weight for adp.

My case is that some part of the model will be refined to large B  
values (about 100) if the default value of wxu_scale (1.0) is used.  
The other part of the model will have average B value of about 40,  
which the wilson B is about 35. The corresponding 2FOFC map has very  
poor density for the region with large B values.

If the value of wxu_scale set to be 0.1, that part with large B will  
be refined to about 80 for B. The corresponding 2FOFC map has some  
better (but not good enough) density for this region.

My question is that can I keep the wxu_scale at the small value for  
the refinement? Or finally do I need to loose this value?


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