[phenixbb] Seeking Postdoctoral Researcher

Francois Berenger berenger at riken.jp
Wed Sep 29 19:17:47 PDT 2010

Laboratory: Zhang Initiative Research Unit,
Advanced Science Institute, RIKEN, Japan.
(Unit Leader: Dr. Kam Zhang)

Job title and Job description: Postdoctoral Researchers

Job description:

We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced computational 
structural biologist to join the Zhang Initiative Research Unit at 
RIKEN. The successful candidate will use computational tools to tackle 
problems in the area of protein folding, structure prediction, and 
structure-based drug design. Our ability to predict the structure of 
proteins from their primary sequences will greatly facilitate our 
understanding of the important biological functions that proteins play 
in their host systems. The 3D structure information will also facilitate 
the rationale design of drugs for the treatment of various diseases with 
unmet medical needs.


This position requires a PhD in areas related to biophysics, 
biochemistry, computational chemistry, bioinformatics, or structural 
biology with experience in employing computational tools to solve 
biological or chemical problems. Experiences in protein folding, protein 
structure prediction, protein structure analysis, protein 
crystallography, or structure-based drugs are highly desired. 
Proficiency in object-oriented programming such as C++, Java, scripting 
languages such as Python, Perl are also desired. Experiences in high 
performance computing, network computing, or grid computing would be a 
plus. The ideal candidate should possess a track record of 
accomplishments demonstrating technical proficiency, independent 
thinking, and scientific creativity. The research environment will be 
international and hence communication in English is encouraged.

The complete job ad, as well as how to apply can be viewed here:


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