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Sylvia Fanucchi Sylvia.Fanucchi at wits.ac.za
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Postdoctoral positions in protein biochemistry and structural biology
are available for suitably qualified PhD graduates to pursue research
into improving our understanding of the relationship between protein
structure and function - one of the foremost challenges in post-genomic
biology. To this end, our research interests are consolidated into two
main areas: (1) the stability, dynamics and folding mechanisms of
multidomain and oligomeric proteins, and, (2) the structural and
energetic foundations of molecular recognition between proteins and
other molecules such as drugs, proteins and membranes. Proteins under
investigation are of relevance to human health and include proteins
involved in molecular toxicology, oxidative stress, cancer, apoptosis


Excellent in-house facilities are available for protein expression,
purification and crystallisation as well as for state-of-the-art
biophysical techniques such as protein crystallography, UV/Vis, CD and
fluorescence spectroscopy, isothermal titration calorimetry, and
stopped-flow kinetics.


Successful candidates should have a PhD degree in biochemistry,
molecular biology, chemistry or crystallography. Good communication
(written and verbal) and interpersonal skills, and computer literacy are
absolute requirements.


Interested applicants should send a letter of motivation, CV, PhD
synopsis, certified copy of PhD degree, and a list of three references
with their email addresses to: Prof Heini Dirr, School of Molecular and
Cell Biology, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 2050, South
Africa. E-mail heinrich.dirr at wits.ac.za.


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