[phenixbb] autosol ?

r n ramme29 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 07:53:20 PDT 2010

Dear Tom

I have collected Cu anomalous peak data (low resolution with high redundancy). 
Also I do have model and tried to do difference fourrier using 

Phenix.automr and phenix.autosol.

Phenix found three sites with significant peak height 10, 9 , 8, rest of them 
4.0. But all the three sites are close to methionine ?

any explanation will be appreciated.

Also I do have some unusual, I tried molecular replacement with phaser and 
phenix.automr. Phaser found the dimer with correlation
TZ 9.0 and 14, but phenix.automr , failed to find the model. It is very low 
resolution data. 


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