[phenixbb] refine : "merged" in .def

Bryan Lepore bryanlepore at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 13:07:47 PDT 2010

Hi Ralf,

On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 4:00 PM, Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve
<rwgk at yahoo.com> wrote:
> the "merged" appears only if the input mtz contains symmetry->equivalent hkl.  >phenix.refine merges symmetry-equivalent reflections to obtain >exactly
> one reflection in the reciprocal-space asymmetric unit. (The merging
> algorithm is very simple

... that makes sense - IIRC, phenix can write out all reflections/flag
data again in a .mtz, so "merged" would show up then?


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