[phenixbb] refine : "merged" in .def

Bryan Lepore bryanlepore at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 12:44:51 PDT 2010

[ dev-564 on GNU/Linux ]

why does phenix - apparently - keep putting the label "merged" in
output .def's, when neither the input .def or .mtz has this label -
and what generally is the significance?

the .mtz has separate Bijvoets, and I's. e.g:

input .def: (concise)
labels = "I(+),SIGI(+),I(-),SIGI(-)"
label = "R-free-flags"

output .def:
labels = "I(+),SIGI(+),I(-),SIGI(-),merged"
label = "R-free-flags"

i re-checked the .mtz lacks "merged" (not shown).


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