[phenixbb] maps : scattering corrections

Lepore, Bryan Bryan.Lepore at umassmed.edu
Wed Oct 6 12:21:06 PDT 2010

i'd like to define anomalous scattering corrections for phenix.maps, it looks like i'm not doing it right.

it appears that simply pasting in various adjustments of : 

    anomalous_scatterers {
      group {
        selection = element = Ni
        f_prime = 2.4
        f_double_prime = -0.1
        refine = *f_prime *f_double_prime # not sure about this one

in various places in maps.params mostly causes phenix.maps to report "unused parameter", e.g:


this should work, right? what am i missing here - is there a scope missing, what scope does this go in, did i miss this in the docs...


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