[phenixbb] project defaults ncs.params not read or overridden/overwritten by GUI?

hari jayaram harijay at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 03:58:25 PDT 2010

Hi I am quite sure I am doing something wrong , but the refinement seems to
always re-determine the NCS definitions despite it being set in the
ncs.params file in the project defaults directory.

Here is what I did:

   1. I set the NCS groups definition in the GUI to go from residues 35:445
   2. I check that using the view pick . Everything looks fine
   3. I click the Green update and exit button
   4. I look at the ncs.params file in the project defaults directory and it
   indeed reflects the changes .
   5. I start the refinement from the GUI and the ncs section seems to have
   been reset to 26:450 .  I even tried adding the ncs.params file to the Input
   files section, but to no avail. The ncs seems to always get re-determined
   and I end up getting an excessive distance stoppage of refinement. I even
   made sure I dont have the Find NCS restraints automatically button checked.

Any idea why I cannot get the gui run refinement to remember my ncs

Thanks in advance
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