[phenixbb] Number of atoms and average b-factors for specific chain IDs (with the option of specifying multiple chain IDs).

Pavel Afonine PAfonine at lbl.gov
Mon Mar 15 22:38:36 PDT 2010


phenix.pdbtools model.pdb keep="chain A" output.file_name="chain_A.pdb"

phenix.pdbtools chain_A.pdb --show-adp-statistics

If you have too many chain you cna compose a trivial script too loop 
over chain IDs and repeat the two above commands for each of them.
As I replied before, I'll probably add something like this to PHENIX tools.


On 3/12/10 8:43 AM, Francis E Reyes wrote:
> Is there anyway to get this quickly? Either by phenix util, web util, 
> or whatever?
> Thanks!
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