[phenixbb] phenix gui freezes

John Berrisford jmb at mrc-mbu.cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 11 04:28:38 PST 2010

Dear All

A little while ago I posted a message about the GUI freezing on linux 
systems, either run remotely (centos) or locally (ubuntu system). I 
never received a solution and I'm still having this problem despite 
upgrading to version 1.6.

On my ubuntu system the GUI seems to freeze either when the screen saver 
comes on (set to turn the screen off) or I switch desktop - although not 
everytime I do this.
The freezing GUI means that I have to force quit phenix after every 
refinement run (I haven't tried other tasks) and that the freeR is not 
reported to the GUI (not a major problem). Thankfully in version 1.6 the 
configuration and results for each refinement run are recorded and I can 
retrieve this information by loading a job through job history - a big 
improvement over version 1.5.

Anyone else having this problem and does anyone know a solution?



John Berrisford

Medical Research Council
Mitochondrial Biology Unit
Wellcome Trust / MRC Building
Hills Road
WEB: www.mrc-mbu.cam.ac.uk
TEL: +44 (01223) 252918

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