[phenixbb] autosol interface bug? selinux conflict?

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> On Mar 9, 2010, at 6:03 PM, Stuart Endo-Streeter wrote:

>> After this repetitive route got autosol running, I ran into some kind of
>> selinux security warning that blocked autosol and caused it to crash.  I
>> seem to have fixed that issue by switching temporarily to permissive mode,
>> but disabling security to run phenix hardly seems the appropriate solution.
>> I didn't manage to catch the autosol error message, I will try to recreate
>> it later tonight if needed.
> SELinux breaks the Fortran binaries we distribute.  There are two things to try:
> 1. If you installed to /usr/local, try installing to your home directory instead (if this is your computer rather than a shared system).  For example:
> computer:~>  ./install --prefix=/home/nat/software
> I don't know if this will help or not, but it's worth a try.

I wonder
- why do Fortran binaries give a SElinux problem, and C++ binaries don't?
- does the phenix installer script treat (i.e. label) C++ binaries in 
any special way which cannot be done for other binaries?

If it is known that SElinux is the problem, then this already half of 
the solution. In general, these problems can easily be found and fixed 
(on RedHat-derived distros at least) by labelling libraries and binaries 
in a specific way which is suggested by the output of the 
SEtroubleshoot- daemon (to be found in /var/log/messages). If that 
daemon doesn't run, you may have to install it with "yum install 



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