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Patrick Loll pat.loll at drexel.edu
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This is really a ccp4-provoked question, but it relates to phaser &  
cctbx (I think), so I'll try here as well:

After an install of ccp4 on a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard and on  
a MacPro running Leopard, the command:

source /sw*/bin/init.csh       (where /sw* is either /sw64 on the  
machine running 10.6, or /sw on the machine running 10.5)

gives the error:

    Fatal Error: Incomplete libtbx environment!
    Please re-run the libtbx/configure.py command.

If I go to ...ccp4.../src/phaser/phaser-2.1.4/libtbx/ and type

python configure.py

Then it tells me that the md5 module is deprecated, and that the cool  
kids use hashlib instead.  Does this mean that I need to go to an  
earlier version of python?  Will that mess up other things?

Curiously, one machines giving this problem has python 2.5.1, while  
the other has 2.6.  However, I currently have python 2.5.1 running on  
another machine (albeit with a slightly earlier version of ccp4) and  
it doesn't give me this problem.




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