[phenixbb] molprobity todo list and coot integration in linux

hari jayaram harijay at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 07:34:48 PST 2010

Is a difference in the way the GUI molprobity TODO list is displayed between
linux and Mac OSX . I am running 1.6.289 on both ...and have coot with
scheme and python scripting installed,

On mac OSX , phenix starts up coot with the molecule and maps loaded after a
phenix.validate and a TO-DO list in a separate GUI window

In Linux these separate To-do list windows dont seem to open . ..I have
looked everywhere and the dont seem burried behind something else,

Is there some setting I need to toggle to have these popup , sortable todo
lists for molprobity assisted rebuilding on Linux systems?

Thanks for your help
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