[phenixbb] Autosol + MR

Manoj saxena mks131 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 05:14:32 PST 2010


I have partial solution from MR on a crystal with dimensions

52.729   60.364  142.908  90.00  90.00  90.00 P 21 21 21.

I have SAD data from another crystal with dimension

53.860   61.470  142.492  90.00  90.00  90.00 P 21 21 21.

My question is can I treat both as isomorphous and combine data from
both of them and use my MR as model with Autosol.

What is the maximum difference in unit cell dimensions allowed to
consider two unit cell isomorphous?

If you can point to some references/examples that will be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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