[phenixbb] Phaser phasing power statistics

Randy J. Read rjr27 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 3 12:29:31 PST 2010

No, we don't generate phasing power statistics in Phaser, just the figures 
of merit, which usually give a good indication of how well things have 
worked. Phasing power is defined in terms of things that make more sense 
with old-fashioned least-squares programs, which is the main reason we 
haven't bothered.


Randy Read

On Mar 3 2010, Daqi Tu wrote:

> I was trying to find phasing power statistics from phenix.autosol log 
> file but couldn't. My structure was phased by Phaser SAD module in 
> phenix.autosol, all I could find was figure of merit. I then ran Phaser 
> SAD within CCP4 and still could not find phasing power statistics from 
> its log. Does anyone know if Phaser SAD generates phasing power 
> statistics in its log file at all?
>Daqi Tu
>Eck lab
>Harvard medical school

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