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The biannual Gordon Conference on Diffraction Methods in Structural
Biology will be held at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine from 18-23rd
July. The program covers all aspects of macromolecular structure  
from crystallization to structure solution and refinement and includes
sessions on complementary techniques and the potential of free electron
lasers. Many of the leading methods developers will be present and the
format of the meeting, with free afternoons, provides ample  
for informal discussions.

The registration deadline is *** THIS COMING SUNDAY, 27th June ***

Limited funds are still available to support new student and  
applications, contact andrew at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk for details.

Further details, including a full program and details on the application
procedure can be obtained from:


We hope to see you there !

Andrew Leslie (Chair) & Ana Gonzalez (Vice Chair)

Outline Program

Diffraction Methods in Structural Biology, 18-23rd July 2010, Bates
College, Lewiston, Maine

Sunday pm: Macromolecular Structures, Pushing the boundaries
Discussion leader: Michael Rossmann

1. ABC Transporters: Doug Rees

2.  The Spliceosome : Kyoshi Nagai

Monday am:  Crystallisation and the diffraction experiment
Discussion leader: Bob Sweet

1. Nanolitre crystallisation:  Seth Harris

2. Twinning and disorder: Todd Yeates

3. Simulating the diffraction experiment: James Holton

4. Microcrystallography:  Gwyndaf Evans

Monday pm: Radiation damage and data collection strategies
Discussion leader: Vivian Stojanoff

1. Radiation damage, experimental: Martin Weik

2.  Microbeams: Yanhui Zou

3. Testing data collection strategies with the Pilatus: Marcus Mueller

Tues am: Synchrotron developments and automated data processing
Discussion leader: Thomas Schneider

1. Synchrotrons, latest developments: Sean Mc Sweeney

2. Synchrotrons, latest developments:  Janet Smith

3. Data processing with Xia2/CHEF: Graeme Winter

4. Data processing with AUTOPROC: Clemens Vonrhein

Tues pm:  Complementary techniques
Discussion leader: Ana Gonzales

1. Electron tomography: Sriram Subramaniam

2. SAXS: Hiro Tsuruta

3. Spectroscopy: Carrie Wilmot

Weds am: Structure solution and refinement
Discussion leader:  Paul Adams

1. SAD Phasing: Randy Read

2. Molecular replacement with BALBES: Garib Murshudov

3. PHENIX: Tom Terwilliger

4. TLS: Ethan Merritt

Weds pm:  Challenging problems/Membrane Proteins
Discussion leader: Michael Wiener

1. Using cubic lipidic phase: Martin Caffrey

2. Membrane Proteins: Stephen White

3. Heterogeneity, low solubility and low resolution: structural  
pursuit on
the ternary Myddosome complex in Toll-like receptor signaling: Hao Wu

Thurs am:  Selected Posters and Map improvement and Model building
Discussion leader: Tassos Perrakis

1. COOT: Paul Emsley

2. Modelling nucleic acids: Johan Hattne

Thursday pm: Future Methods, FELs, Diffraction imaging
Discussion leader:  Ed Lattman

1. Opportunities fof membrane protein analysis with FELs: Petra Fromme

2. Single particle imaging with pulsed hard Xray lasers: Anton Barty

3. Femtosecond nanocrystallography of membrane proteins using LCSL: John

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