[phenixbb] Five sets of PDFs about Refinement, Maps, Validation and PHENIX

Pavel Afonine pafonine at lbl.gov
Tue Jul 27 12:43:40 PDT 2010

  Hi Everyone,

recently I had to update or do from scratch my talk "slides" on various 
subjects such as crystallographic structure refinement, maps, validation 
and some general PHENIX overview. Since I spent pretty significant 
amount of time making all these "slides" , ... I was thinking that may 
be this might be of use for some of you, so here it is...

- 42 pages of general introduction to structure refinement:

- 45 pages of phenix.refine overview (including extended details about 
its use from the command line):

- 42 pages of "Some Facts About Maps":

- 50 pages of "Crystallographic Structure Validation":

- 31 pages of introduction to PHENIX:

Most of the slides in "Introduction to PHENIX" came from Paul Adams, Tom 
Terwilliger and Nat Echols. Thanks Nat and Jeff Headd for providing with 
interesting examples of structures with unusual geometry.

All the best!

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