[phenixbb] 32-bit binaries for version 1.6.3-473

Leonid Flaks flaks at bnl.gov
Tue Jul 27 08:15:58 PDT 2010

I am running phenix 1.6.2-432 on a set of systems running 32-bit version 
of fedora-12. The latest version of phenix (1.6.3-473) has binaries 
mostly for 64-bit OS. The only 32-bit OS I see is fedora-3. I would be 
happy to switch to 64-bit OS one day, but HKL2000 that runs on the same 
computers has a big warning about instability of it on the 64-bit (it is 
dated back to 2005!) Coot is also crashing on the the 64-bit test 
system, so I have to stay with 32-bit for now.
Does anybody know if fc-3 version would run on f-12?
Would it be possible to have 32-bit version built for f-12 or f-13?



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