[phenixbb] LigandFit parameters?

Hermella Woldemdihin hermifi at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 27 07:47:08 PDT 2010


I am using LigandFit on the GUI version of Phenix. In my electron density map 
there is a good density for my ligand.
And I have my ligand in pdb format. As an input to LigandFit I gave my ligand 
file(pdb), an MTZ file from my data processing 

and my protein at some stage of refinement (@ a good R-values). I used the 
default settings (Resolution=0,  Minimum CC of ligand to map=0.75
and Ligand map shape=Fo-Fc) and I got a bad result. My overall CC=0.33 and 
Score=68.68). What shall I do to get the best solution???

Thanks all!

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