[phenixbb] questions about ncs copy in autobuild

J J phenix.upitt at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 06:50:43 PDT 2010

Dear All,

I am using phenix.autobuild .eff file to build a structure (version 1.6.1).
For the input I have a pdb model file with 6 chains; a sequence file which
contains residues of a single chain (the sequence file has a few more
residues at N-terminal than the pdb model file); an mtz amplitude file; I
also specified ncs_copies=6 (I know there are 6 copies in the au).

What confuses me is the output pdb file only has one chain (huge
Rwork&Rfree, >0.5). Should there be 6 chains?

The other issue is that the output chain has fewer residues than my sequence
file (both N&C-terminal). It also has fewer residues compared with the pdb
model file. Is this because I do not have enough resolution to resolve those
missing residues? Thanks in advance.


U Pitt
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