[phenixbb] scattering factors

Goragot Wisedchaisri goragot at u.washington.edu
Mon Jul 19 15:07:34 PDT 2010


I am new to Phenix but I have used Solve/Resolve in the past. I am currently using Phenix 1.6.2 and I have electron diffraction data to ~2A from a 300kV electron microscope that I would like to use Autobuild and phenix.refine to iteratively rebuild and refine my partial structure.

I have a file containing electron scattering factors for 300kV EM that has been used successfully for refinement with CNS before for electron diffraction data. How can I tell Phenix to use electron scattering factors during refinement? I think currently Phenix has 4 choices for X-ray and neutron scattering factors but not for electron scattering. Is there a good way to implement electron scattering factors into phenix library?

Any suggestions are welcome.

George Wisedchaisri

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