[phenixbb] Whic mtz file to use and parameters for phenix.refine (GUI) to set?

Hermella Woldemdihin hermifi at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 19 06:15:09 PDT 2010


I am new to phenix.refine. I'm using the graphical interface.
I hav processed my dfiffraction data and used Phaser MR for molecular 
And I goyt a result: a solution pdb file and the associated mtz file.
1. So I use the mtz file from this Phaser MR solution or the original file from 
my data
processing in phenix.refine?
2. I have set parameters for phenix.refine like this:
Is there other settings for the parameter which I should do for a better result?
PDB data: my solution from Phaser MR
Simulated Annealing=1000
Update waters
Refine Target weights: Wxc=0.8 Wxu=1.6
Fix rotamers
Fix bad side chains

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