[phenixbb] Rwork/Rfree and aniso ADPs

Roberto Battistutta roberto.battistutta at unipd.it
Thu Jul 15 03:32:51 PDT 2010

Dear All,
I have noticed a (too much?) increment in the difference between Rwork  
and Rfree upon introduction of anisotropic ADPs, from 18.6/21.6  
(isotropic ADPs) to 14.5/20.0. The max resolution is 1.6 A with good  
statistics. What could be the reason for that? Is 1.6 A too low for  
anisotropic ADPs in phenix? I would like to keep Rwork/Rfree values  
nearer, how could I do?
Thank you.
Bye, Roberto.

Roberto Battistutta
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Padua
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roberto.battistutta at unipd.it
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