[phenixbb] {**SPAM**} TLS refinement in phenix

Vellieux Frederic Frederic.Vellieux at ibs.fr
Fri Jul 2 02:42:28 PDT 2010

They are "pseudo-ANISOU" records that contain the TLS contribution. 
Nothing to worry about, they are not "real" ANISOU records as in the 
case of anisotropic temperature factor refinement.


Mirage Singh Baliyan wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am refining a 2.25 A structure in phenix using TLS parameters. In 
> the generated PDB there is one ANISOU record along with the ATOM 
> record. I am not understanding this. can anybody help me about this
> Regards
> Mirage singh
> Protein crystallography Laboratory
> IMTECH (IMTECH is a research establishment of CSIR, india)
> Chandigarh
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