[phenixbb] Omit map Problem

Nathaniel Echols NEchols at lbl.gov
Tue Feb 9 16:28:08 PST 2010

On Feb 9, 2010, at 4:20 PM, Carruthers, Carl W. wrote:
> Coot works fine.  When I click the GUI button after the run, it loads the pdb file that I used as a start model and nothing else.  When I try opening the composite map manually (using coot: “open mtz”, “auto open mtz” or even “open map” ) it says at the bottom ”read map /file path/ resolve_composite_map.mtz failed.”  

That sounds like a problem with the file itself - could you please send it to me (not the list)?

FYI, I'm pretty sure "open map" only works for real-space map files (CCP4 or XPLOR format), and "auto open mtz" appears to handle pre-calculated complex map coefficients (e.g. output from Refmac or phenix.refine), but definitely not maps from Resolve (which is what AutoBuild generates).


Nathaniel Echols
Lawrence Berkeley Lab
NEchols at lbl.gov

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