[phenixbb] refining sugars

Jose M Casasnovas jcasasnovas at cnb.csic.es
Wed Sep 30 09:19:41 PDT 2009

   We are having the same problem.  Sugars are not linked properly
after runing
phenix.refine, whereas they are fine using CNS.  Distance can be
preserved, but the bond angles are wrong.

   I am using phenix-1.4-2.

  Jose M Casasnovas

   Quoting Tirumala Kumar Chowdary <Tirumala.Chowdary at tufts.edu>:

> Hi,
> My question is related to the 'refining sugars in phenix' questions
> that have been appearing on the bb for the last two days.
> I am trying to refine my NAGs and somehow phenix is ignoring the
> in my structure. Neither it is making a bond between my ASN and NAG
> NAG-NAG bond. My nag-nag.cif and cif_link.params are read properly,
> though.
> I am using in version 1.4.125 still. Is this the problem ? Does
> upgrading to any of the later build will help ?
> Tirumal
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