[phenixbb] Phenix version 1.5 Released

Paul Adams PDAdams at lbl.gov
Tue Sep 29 21:53:03 PDT 2009

The Phenix developers are pleased to announce that version 1.5 of  
Phenix is now available. Binary installers for Linux, and Mac OSX  
platforms are available at the download site:


Just some of the new features in this version (1.5-2) are:

- A new Graphical User Interface (accessed by typing phenix at the  
command line)
- Two-way communication with Coot
- The latest version of Phaser (2.2)
- A development version of torsion angle dynamics available in  
- Real space refinement in phenix.refine
- New GUIs for Autosol, AutoBuild and LigandFit wizards
- A number of MolProbity and other validation tools now available
- Fast loop building with phenix.fit_loops
- Improved ligand geometry generation with phenix.elbow
- Inclusion of Nicholas Sauter's LABELIT system for autoindexing and  

For a full list of changes see:


Full documentation is available here:


There is a Phenix bulletin board:


Please consult the installer README file or online documentation for
installation instructions.

Direct questions and problem reports to the bulletin board or:

   help at phenix-online.org and bugs at phenix-online.org

Commercial users interested in obtaining access to Phenix should visit  
Phenix website for information about the Phenix Industrial Consortium.

The development of Phenix is principally funded by the National  
Institute of
General Medical Sciences (NIH) under grant P01-GM063210. We also  
the generous support of the members of the Phenix Industrial Consortium.

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