[phenixbb] N-linked glycans in phenix.refine

Jose Casasnovas jcasasnovas at cnb.csic.es
Tue Sep 29 10:44:23 PDT 2009

Dear Phenix users.
I am trying to refine N-linked glycans in phenix.  The Asn-NAG link 
appears to be recognize by the program, but the NAG-NAG link is not. 
I guess the cif_link must be missing.

  Monomer Library directory:
   Total number of atoms: 8947
     data_link: NAG-ASN
       mod_id_1: DEL-O1
       mod_id_2: DEL-HD22
     residue_selection_1: chain N and resname NAG and resid 5161
     residue_selection_2: chain E and resname ASN and resid 516
     data_link: NAG-NAG-B-D

Sorry: Missing CIF link: data_link_NAG-NAG-B-D
   Please check for spelling errors or specify the file name
   with the link as an additional argument.

How can I get the required cif_link file and where to place it??

Any suggestion.



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