[phenixbb] A request

Jonathan Grimes jonathan at strubi.ox.ac.uk
Tue Sep 15 01:26:51 PDT 2009

Pavel Afonine wrote:
> Hi Jon,
> phenix.refine has NCS restraints, which you can make as strong as you 
> like by playing with corresponding weights.
> phenix.refine does not have NCS constraints, which is:
> - I realize extremely important for refinement of virus structures.
> - not the same as "very strict" NCS restrains (although I believe it 
> may be very close).
> Implementing NCS constraints it's *not *in my to-do list.. May be Ralf 
> can comment some more. We probably need to discuss this internally to 
> decide who and when will do it.
> Pavel.

  Hi Pavel,

   Thanks.  I just wanted to "poke" someone about it.......


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